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Robert Wrote:

Adam I’m not quite sure of the ramifications of this change you suggested but I know I have quite a few multi-word categories. Just a quick glance at my Perfect Cartoon Primary Categories  Subcategories page I see ‘Political Advertising’ (which is a very distinct and more limited category from “Advertising’), ‘Dog’ and ‘Dog Fashion’, ‘Women Management’ and ‘Women’ and ‘Management’, ‘Office Sex’ and ‘Office Politics’ and ‘Sex’ and a few more. I don’t expect us to come up with a solution right away. There is much more cartoon loading up for me to do before then. But as we talked about down the road creating intelligent algorithms (which I know nothing about) to allow people to literally type in the Humor Point they want to make...well then our search criteria will become much more algorithmically associative and complex. But again, not critical today. Maybe we could try your suggestion to see how it functions (as long as we change it back if necessary) and see how it might work.  Anyway nothing super imperative but we will be heading in that direction more and more as this tool evolves into an intelligent search engine...with a great sense of humor. 

Adam Wrote:

This is a bigger issue.  I don’t think we can have a search box that both accepts “humor points” meaning return the best results given the typed in words  AND a search box that requires all the words typed in to be in the cartoon (e.g. “political advertising” doesn’t match “advertising” to some extent”).   Normally, “political advertising” would match the political advertising cartoons better than just the advertising cartoons, and put those up front.  However, with your selected ranking strategy, it will take the full list of matching cartoons and move your manually ranked ones up to the front.  Therefore, an Advertising cartoon that you’ve ranked more highly than a Political Advertising cartoon will be moved up front.  We are ignoring the search engine’s view of what’s a better match, unless it’s a tie in your manual ranking.  In the advanced search Categories field, we could indeed require all of the words to be present, for instance, so then if they typed “political advertising”, only those matching that category would be returned.  However, if they typed “advertising”, both “advertising” and “political advertising” cartoons would be returned, which is probably the right thing.  Let me know if you want me to make this change.  


This has been fixed at some level.  Now, if you type exactly for the category name (e.g. political advertising), you will only get those matching political advertising.  If you search for advertising, you will get both advertising and political advertising, which I think is correct.  Dog Fashion will only return Dog Fashion, but Dog will return both Dogs and Dog Fashion.  If you type something other than an exact category name (e.g. a humor point), it will do it’s best it can, as before.