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                                      Maybe At Home was founded by <a href="/site/team">Fabrice Nicolaides</a> as a result of a bad experience.  
                                      After buying an appartment that looked
                                      like it had everything that he and his wife were looking for -- sunny windows, expanded kitchen, great location -- 
                                      they came to realize that
                                      it came also with some fatal flaws, including neighbors above and below who were impossible to live with (continual
                                      noise, mess, and more).  They ended up selling their appartment with time and financial incentives lost, and 
                                      realized that if they had had an opportunity to try before buying, they would have made a different choice.
                                      The idea for Maybe At Home was born.
                                    <p data-localize="company.text2">
									  Maybe At Home lets you try a house that you are interested in for a few days, offering not only an amazing getaway
                                      experience but also the safety and security of knowing what it actually be like once you live there.
                                      See more on the <a href="/site/about">About</a> page.

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