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      <li id="res1">Picture Books</li>
        <li id="excerpt-title">Sunshine’ Story: A True Tale of the Nearly Extinct Heritage
        <p id="excerpt">When Sunshine was discovered, she was nearly dead. The blue-eyed, cremello filly could not hold up her head, her ribs
        poked out and the ranch hands needed to lift her onto the horse trailer. There seemed little hope for her survival.
        But with the love and care of a kind lady and a crew of children, Sunshine was
        saved and so was her family, the 14 remaining members of the Heritage Herd.
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        <li id="res1">Young Adult / Edgy Fiction</li>
          <li id="excerpt-title">First Break</li>
          <p id="excerpt">When your first break from home is your first break with reality.
          <li id="res1">Picture Books</li>
            <li id="excerpt-title">The Big Jar of Fun</li>
            <p id="excerpt">Deciding what to play is not easy when 8 year old Michael, 7 year Madison and 4 year
            old Christine play together. The girls want to play “girl stuff,” and Michael wants to play “boy stuff”.
            To keep their “whole life friendship” alive (and stop driving their parents crazy!)
            they need to come up with a system that is fair to decide what they will play and meet each child’s needs.
            Not only do they create a system to choose what they will play, but they also learn that they can enjoy all
            kinds of different activities and have fun doing it.
      <li id="excerpt-title">Rosa the Boa</li>
      <p id="excerpt">Ever felt like you wanted just a little bit more out of life than you were getting?
      Enter Rosa the Boa, second grade class pet, who wants that “little bit more.” She knows the second grade, having been through it four times.
      When she sees her chance to explore, she takes it. When the students  find her missing, they are surprised (and worried!)
      <li id="excerpt-title">An Amazing Friendship</li>
      <p id="excerpt">Thabo was recently adopted from South Africa and brought to live with the Smiths in the United States.
      As his excitement wears off, he becomes homesick. In his new home, he looks different and speaks a different language than his friends.
      His new teacher makes an extra effort to welcome him; she tells the class a true story about an unlikely friendship between a baby hippo
      (Owen) and an old tortoise (Mzee). Inspired by the story, Thabo makes friends  with Adam and feels he might like his new home after all.

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