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   <table width=800>
    <img src="/static/jamienew.jpg"  width=210 alt="My photo" class="left" />
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Welcome, welcome. Iím so glad you found me. Writing is my passion and Iíd love to share that with you.                 


Stories are the doors we pass through to understand another personís world.  Come on in and take a look at 
   <a href="/site/mystory">my story</a>,
   <a href="/site/published">the stories</a> 
     of people I have written about or
   <a href="/site/tbs">am writing about</a> now. 
     Check out
 the stories I 
   <a href="/site/blog">blog</a>. 
   Before you leave, tell me
   <a href="/site/contact:''">your story.</a>

                <td width=20% valign=top align=center>
                  <a href="/site/mystory">
                    <img src="/static/door1.jpg" width=70 />    
                    </p>My Story</a></td>    
                <td width=20% valign=top align=center>
                  <a href="/site/published">
                    <img src="/static/door2.jpg" width=70 />
                    </p>Other People's Stories: Published Writings</a></td>
                <!-- td width=20% valign=top align=center>    
                  <a href="/site/tbs">
                    <img src="/static/door3.jpg" width=70 />
                    </p>Stories To Be Shared</a></td -->
                <td width=20% valign=top align=center> 
                  <a href="/site/blog">
                    <img src="/static/door4.jpg" width=70 />
                <td width=20% valign=top align=center>
                  <a href="/site/contact">
                    <img src="/static/door5.jpg" width=70 />

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