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Vision: Re-Imagining Software Development

   - Invent: Capture, Organize, Prototype  
   - Team Up: Find People to Work with, Invite to Projects
   - Develop (Collab Dev Env, Code Reuse, Test & Deploy)
   - Market: Source what you need, pitch what you have.

Two Big Themes:
   - Collaborative, Cloud-based Development (teams, reuse, etc.)
   - Engelbart-like integrated environment with surfing/linking across all document types
   - Collaborama Environment
      o Named Resources 
      o Coding: WebL, JavaScript
         - Editor
         - Console
      o Path Systems
      o Separation of code from rendering (templating)
      o Mashup
      o Popular
      o Projects/Groups
      o Issue Tracking
      o Website Structure
      o Deployment: createDeploymentConfig(anapvp.home)
      o Advanced Concepts
         - Lucene
         - Tries
         - MongoDB
         - OAuth
   - SkillsRank -- Find the Best People By Skill
      o Game Play
      o Search