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Function name: cmdChoosePerson
Arguments: personId,skill
Description: Votes that a person is good at skill
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Module: collabExt

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<h1>Rankings Recorded</h1>

   // WubCall("cmdRecordVote", ["positive", personId, skill]);

Thanks for recording your rankings.<p>

For each ranking you provide, you accumulate points, which will make it more likely that others will 
rank you. <p>

You now have <b><webl>Wub_GetVaultValue("rankpoints") ? "0";</webl></b> points!<p>

As soon as enough people rank you for us to have an accurate enough picture of your skills, we will show you your 
ranking profile (confidential, not shown to others), which highlights the skills you are best at.

<a href="webl/WubHub_DoIt?cmdline=playSkillsrank">Play Again!</a>