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		<p><small>Adam Cheyer</small></p>

    <section id="pitch">
        <p>30 Second Elevator Pitch: Who is this company and why they should care</p>
        <p>What can you say to deliver the opportunity and get a second meeting?</p>

   <section id="people">
        <p>Key Management Team: Education, Previous Successes</p>
        <p>Convey that this team has the experience to deliver on its promises.</p>

   <section id="pain">
        <p><small>Introduce audience to pain or major problem faced by customer.</small> </p>
           <li>Who is the customer</li>
           <li>How big is the market</li>
           <li>Future growth of the market</li>
           <li>Existing customer validation or evaluation results</li>

   <section id="product">
        <p>Describe the product, it's unique approach, it's ability to solve the <a href="#/pain">Pain</a></p>
           <li>Product Overview: how a customer would use it</li>
           <li>Intellectual Property</li>
           <li>Is product complete?  What's left to do?</li>
    <section id="players">
        <p><small>Who is your competition?</small></p>
           <li>Might use a two axis chart</li>
           <li><img src=""></li>
    <section id="projections">
        <p>3-5 years of financial projections</p>

    <section id="proposition">
        <p>What's the Deal?</p>

    <section id="summary">
		<h1>Summary and Q&A</h1>