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  1. Edit your source data file. You can also add category synonyms here. Edit author information here.
  2. Build the search index on STAGING. This takes about 45 seconds for 10,000 cartoons, the page will just sit and spin while processing, that's OK
  3. Inspect results of automated tests:
  4. Test the results on STAGING.
  5. When happy, push your results to PRODUCTION. This switches what's on STAGING and on PRODUCTION.
  6. If you get complaints about image captions, change caption status. Switches among 3 states: true (show captions), false (don't show titles), or "nonNY" (only show for non New Yorker Magazine cartoons)
  7. Toggle on/off Manual Scoring
  8. Toggle on/off Roam Over mode
  9. Find a bug or have an idea? Submit an Issue or See all Open Issues.

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